We are hotel operators and marketers, entrepreneurs, and digital strategists, who have spent our lives in and around the hospitality industry.

Our management team has extensive experience as leaders of hotel companies and associations, pioneers of hotel marketing innovations and as marketers for hotel brands, and advertising agencies.

Greatest Hotels Group Company Founder Dwight Gould has served in many leadership roles in hospitality and marketing, including at one time as a senior and key international marketing executive working for Greatest Hotels Group Board of Advisors Chairman Joe McInerney, while Joe was President and CEO of $5 billion Trusthouse Forte Hotels; and Greatest Hotels Group President Chris Cullen served as the VP of marketing and communications working for both Dwight and Joe. Dwight and Chris have both been advertising agency principals and company owners. Vice President of Sales Jon Book is a veteran of traditional and digital hospitality sales, having worked on the hospitality side as well as in the digital reservations marketplace. Vice President of Digital Marketing James Cholke is a proven digital strategist with an unerring capacity to generate extremely targeted online traffic that gets results.

Our is a team that is focused on the goal of being the first and only completely hotel and guest friendly online referral service for hospitality.

Management Team

Dwight Gould, Founder/CEO

Gould has more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business owner and digital marketing/communications expert. Among Dwight’s most relevant experience, he founded and grew a digital marketing agency based on groundbreaking search engine marketing and optimization. His hospitality experience includes his leadership position for Trusthouse Forte Hotels, London as Sr. VP Marketing and Sales for North America; following that company’s acquisition by HFS, later Cendant Corporation, Dwight was recruited to serve Cendant as the Senior Marketing Officer for the hospitality portfolio.

Chris Cullen, President

Chris Cullen, Greatest Hotels Group President is an accomplished brand strategist, and an experienced high-performance team leader in message and platform development, identity, design, and marketing and communications execution. Chris previously teamed with Greatest Hotels Group Founder Dwight Gould and Board of Advisors Chairman Joe McInerney, serving as the Vice President for Marketing Communications and Promotions for the North American Headquarters of the $5B, 800-property Trusthouse Forte Hotels. Following the HFS acquisition, Chris became a principal of a $150 million ad agency overseeing the brand strategy, marketing and advertising and lead generation for Choice Hotels, and Alamo Car Rental. Chris recently led the current redesign and launch of the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s new brand identity and value proposition.

Jonathon Book, Vice President, Director of Sales

Jon has been a pioneer and leader in advertising sales initiatives for more than 25 years, from breaking new ground in optimizing efficacy in traditional print media to building innovative solutions for the numerous channels and platforms afforded by today’s ever-evolving technology. Jon’s primary expertise has been in developing and packaging efficient results-driven advertising campaigns for companies in the travel industry. Jon has been a sought-after travel industry consultant for both travel companies and ad networks.

Jon’s deep experience includes a stint managing the West Coast office for a Time, Inc. lifestyle, food, and travel magazine, and later was a senior executive with fledgling LastMinuteTravel.com, a start-up online travel-booking marketplace designed to appeal to both the business and recreational traveler, featuring and selling available hotel inventory–at the last minute.

Later with meta-search engine SideStep, Jon created new digital advertising programs for world-leading hotels, airlines and travel agents; he also later recruited to lead sales an original executive member of the launch team for TripAdvisor’s display advertising program.

Jon is IAB certified: Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) – Digital Media Sales Certified-2014-2016, Certificate ID # DMSC02335

James Cholke, Vice President of Media

James Cholke, Vice President of Media, brings over 20 years experience developing and managing Internet technologies to produce bottom line results, including digital strategies and search marketing campaigns, and digital media campaigns. Recently, as Vice President of a mid-sized advertising agency and consultant, James directed and managed the search marketing, development, and optimization efforts for a variety of clients in a range of industries. While primarily a hospitality professional, James has also worked on large-scale franchise campaigns, high profile celebrity accounts, nationwide legal networks, and has developed a cloud-based inventory management service for the U.S. Government.


Joseph McInerney, Chairman of the Board of Advisors

Joseph McInerney, Chairman of the Board of Advisors, is a CHA and is the President & Chief Executive Officer of McInerney Hospitality International LLC, a full-service international consulting firm. He is emeritus president and chief executive officer of AH&LA and has more than 50 years of experience in the hospitality industry. McInerney was appointed President & CEO of Trusthouse Forte Hotels in 1992, and then chairman in 1995. Here he restructured and grew the brand allowing the company to sell it at a significant profit in 1996.

Melinda Bush, CHA, Senior Member, Board of Advisors

Melinda Bush, CHA, Senior Member, Board of Advisors, is one of the industry’s most well-known and respected experts on the issues affecting the hotel, resort and tourism industries. Among her many sentinel hospitality achievements is her successful work with Rupert Murdoch to build and direct the global expansion of Hotel & Travel Index and its reservation service to more than 50,000 hotels worldwide, which when sold to Elsevier, and had valuations of more than $550 million.

Chad Hallock, Board of Advisors, Franchise Advisory

Chad is the Co-Founder & Board Member – Home Franchise Concepts, one of the five founders of Budget Blinds which was founded in 1992 in Orange County, California. Chad served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Budget Blinds and his primary role was defining the Vision for the company and building consumer and franchise development marketing plans to achieve that vision. Since 1996 Budget Blinds has been ranked the #1 brand in the window coverings category by Entrepreneur magazine. In 2006, Chad established Home Franchise Concepts, Inc. (HFC) in an effort to create a portfolio of residential service franchise brands. By 2015 HFC was parent company of Tailored Living (nearly 200 franchisees) and the recently acquired Concrete Craft (10 franchisees). In total, the HFC brands have nearly 1,200 franchisees in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. A milestone for Budget Blinds was when Chad was featured on Undercover Boss, a prime time CBS show, in 2012. This episode was later voted the #1 most popular show of the season and it is continually re-broadcast on CBS and TLC helping to boost awareness of the brand.

Chad’s philosophy in franchising is to create a Vision for a brand from day one. The Vision is to dominate market share in the category and ultimately become a household name in North America. Chad has a keen sense of how to structure exclusive franchise territories and build marketing strategies to achieve successful businesses for franchisees. In November 2015, Trilantic acquired HFC and now he sits on the board and consults on the National Advertising and Franchise Licensing strategies.

Jenn Hallock, Board of Advisors, Franchise Advisory

Freelance Chief Marketing Officer – Jenn has lived and breathed advertising and marketing since her teens when she sold ad space for her college newspaper. Straight out of college she worked for a number of ad agencies in the Minneapolis area account managing accounts in a variety of industries including hospitality, casinos/gaming, golf, shopping centers, retail, residential trade and more.

By her early 20s, Jen and partners launched Hot Dish Advertising, a top boutique firm out of Minneapolis. Hot Dish quickly became one of the premier branding and strategy agencies in the franchise space. Through the support of the International Franchise Association and related industry networks, Hot Dish became an industry-known thought leader in such things as Franchise Lead Generation & Recruitment strategies, franchisee communications plans, consumer marketing strategy and national ad fund management. In addition to Account supervising many of the agency’s accounts, she took on a major role in new business development for the agency. In 2009, Jenn moved to California and began consulting with various franchise marketing agencies and franchisors, servicing as a Freelance CMO. She’s advised franchisors on building marketing and media plans, allocating National Ad Fund, building in-house marketing teams, creating new streams of revenue, franchise lead generation tactics, branding, building co-op marketing pitches, devising internal and external communications strategies and more.

Tim Evankovich, Board of Advisors, Franchise Advisory

Tim is the CEO of Oasis Senior Advisors, a Franchise referral service that helps families find the right assisted living for their loved ones.  He started this endeavor in 2013 and began the franchising effort in 2014 and has expanded the Oasis footprint nationally to over 45 franchisees.  With over 20 years of experience in franchising, Tim began his first foray into franchising with The Cleaning Authority (TCA).  As President and Co-Founder, he spent 25 years building TCA into the second largest residential cleaning company in the country with over 200 franchisees in 44 states and Canada.  His primary focus at TCA was developing and building the brand nationwide.  In 2010, Tim also started a company called FranForward, LLC a small business incubator company that educated young growing franchise organizations on proven method to build infrastructure and maximize market share for their brands.
In addition to his current duties as CEO of Oasis, Tim has also serves as a board member of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Maryland Chapter and for Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America.